Authenticity, uniqueness and originality is at the core of our designs. No matter the project, the scale or the style, we always have a vision; to create beautiful spaces that inspire, elevate, and bring comfort.

About Us

Creating bespoke spaces that are distinctive, compelling and timeless.

Bissar Concepts is a Beirut-based interior design studio led by architect Zaher Bissar. With hundreds of projects spanning across the GCC (mainly KSA & UAE), Levant, North Africa and Europe, the studio provides fully integrated interior design services, specialized in upscale projects. The studio’s portfolio covers palaces, private residences, public buildings, offices, hotels, private seaside resorts and mosques.

Our services include space remodeling, refinement of architectural drawings, renovation, restoration, luxury furniture, tailor-made furniture designs, along with customized artwork.


A sprinkle of sophistication to simplicity … A whiff of modernism to the traditional

By taking a fresh approach to design, we create viable and dynamic spaces that are as unique as the individuality of each of our clients.

In our designs, we aim to consistently reflect sophistication, delicacy and functionality that radiate from warm simplicity to opulent elegance. Our work ranges from minimalism to classicism with luxury contemporary defining most of our projects. In addition to our extensive experience in classicism, we’ve been approaching the traditional with a whiff of modernism whilst respecting the norms and standards.


Designs that carry authenticity and originality; that moves you mentally, spiritually and culturally.

Authenticity, uniqueness and originality is at the core of every project. Our innovative design solutions tend to consistently balance between esthetics and function, whilst also mirroring our client’s dreams and lifestyles, paralleled with finesse and well-being on both ends.

Light, nature and equilibrium interior architecture are the substratum of our concepts; while, noble material, luxurious details and refined furniture form the essence of our philosophy. We aim to create imaginative journeys that move your senses, mentally by adding elements of surprise; spiritually by stimulating tranquility, and culturally by infusing art & history.